For the French, Wednesdays (Mercredis) bear the best treats. In childhood times, Wednesdays were the only day school finished at noon, where goûters were marked by trips to the bakery for a hot pain au chocolat or baking afternoons at home… And because our goûters should be that special to you, we are Les Mercredis. Any day you’d like.

Les mercredis was founded by Maya and Max.

It was born of our habit of making our own snacks - the same ones that we offer here, Granola, Fruit leather and syrups amongst others - and of our quest for beautiful products that embody a fundamentally relaxed approach of food. Free of nutritionist dogmas, full of common sense and always positive.

Les mercredis is what we like our own food to be like: pleasurable, healthy-ish, responsible.


Maya, co-founder

Maya is a French Berlin-raised grain-lover who’d prefer food shopping over any kind of shopping and loves to cook for a crowd. Farmer’s markets to her are not about instagram shots but saturday mornings spent shopping for the weeks meals ever since she could think and food positivity is something she fiercely believes in.



Max, co-founder

Max is a chouquette-loving Parisian who got on the Granola-boat when he heard the word chocolate and whose favorite sport is trying new foods. He identifies the slightest aromas in any recipe and is more demanding on the quality of food than most professional critics.