Our Philosophy


The Beauty of Goûter.

For the French, having a treat in the afternoon isn’t bad. It’s goûter. We believe that goûter can change the way people enjoy food and feel within their bodies: it’s a moment of #foodpositivity, of beauty and enjoyment. It’s a moment you claim for yourself during the day, where you take pleasure in a small bite & drink without judging yourself or what you eat. Everybody should offer themselves the wholesome beauty of a goûter. 

To us beauty means beautiful products. Quality ingredients, sophisticated recipes, rigorous production… and ultimately great tasting products that stand out. Food that you treat yourself to.

It also means responsibility - because real beauty cannot be enjoyed if it has a bitter aftertaste.

Responsibility to ourselves and our bodies: we only use natural ingredients that you would find in any well stocked kitchen. Our recipes are designed following what we like to call “common sense nutrition”. We don’t demonize anything - neither fat, nor sugar, nor carbs or other nutrients - and consume everything with moderation.

Responsibility towards society and our environment, because our actions have an impact. Trying everyday to make that impact a bit better is key to us, driving our everyday decisions from vendor selection to packaging and logistics.

If you’d like to know more about our sustainability policy, head on over here.