Fruit Leather: Apricot - Thyme

Fruit Leather: Apricot - Thyme


Our Fruit Leather bears the childish joy of a candy in a sophisticated take on dried fruit. With a very pure recipe - only the fruit and herb/spice have their place - we only add honey when the fruit variety is a rather acid one. As for all our products, only natural ingredients have their place here. 

Our fruit leather is literally quite precious: there’s space for only 1 fruit per recipe. So no adding on with other fruit to make volume - we stay true to our promise of purity and intensity. One pouch contains approx. 170 gr of raw fruit for 35gr of dried fruit leather. 

The varieties you’ll find our fruit leather in depend on the season as we only use seasonal fruit for the production.

This Apricot-thyme fruit leather tells a new story of what we usual imagine apricots to taste like: the baked, typical sweet and sour apricot aromas grow into a new taste with the thyme’s earthy and peppery notes.

Ingredients / Provenance

All ingredients are from organic farming:

  • Apricots (Italy),

  • Thyme (Germany),

  • Honey (Germany).

1 x 35g
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16,86€ / 100g

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Fruit leather produced and packaged in Munich (Germany)