Our Granola was conceived with the sweetness of a Goûter in mind. Overflowing with dried fruits, nuts and chocolate, its gourmandise makes it enjoyable on its own as well as as a topping for fruit, yogurts, compotes and other breakfasts or desserts.

Ingredients / Provenance

All ingredients are from organic farming:

  • Dried apricots (Turkey),

  • Dried figs (Turkey),

  • Oatmeal* (Germany),

  • Millet flakes (Germany),

  • Buckwheat flakes (Germany),

  • Rice flakes (Italy),

  • Almonds* (Italy),

  • Hazelnuts* (Turkey),

  • Sunflower seeds (Slovakia),

  • Pumpkin seeds (Hungary),

  • Chocolate (Germany / Dominican Republic),

  • Dried cranberries (Canada),

  • Banana (Ecuador),

  • Honey (Germany),

  • Coconut oil (Philippines).

* allergens

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Granola produced and packaged in Munich (Germany)