To us, being able to enjoy something means not having to feel bad about it. This is true for the contents of a recipe, for the way it is produced, for the impact the product has on our world. So it would only make sense that we try to be the most sustainable we can. We may not be perfect in every area, but we try to be better every day.

In practice, sustainability means to us:


Raw materials

All our ingredients come from organic farming to promote an environmentally more respectful agriculture. We also source our ingredients from the closest source possible. Sometimes, that’s really close - for example German oats or French apricots. Sometimes, that’s a bit more far away - for example turkish hazelnuts and almonds, because we do feature a few exotic ingredients in our Granola recipe. Please check on the Product pages where the ingredients for each product come from exactly.



We try to use as little packaging as possible in order to reduce our footprint. The ones we do use are either reusable (glass) or compostable. We are currently working with a workshop for disabled persons in Bavaria to take over the packing and create a socially positive footprint.



Any order you place will be transported by DHL GoGreen and is shipped once all ordered items are available unless requested otherwise.